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At Antton & Co, we are about fulfilling the needs of the stylish urban man like you. Our main aim, is to make you desire to look stylish a super easy affair. We also wanted the process to be fun, and choosing what you want to be so simple as we offer variations for every style inclinations.


Effortlessness is also what we aim for, even when sometimes we do something a bit daring to tickle your fun side. We may not boast about how comfortable our shoes are, because at Antton & Co, we already make sure that it is there instead we would rather tell you, at Antton & Co we wanted to make shoes that will make you smile, anywhere you choose to wear them to Рfrom work to play, we have your back covered.


As we continue to explore more possibilities for your style needs, all we request is for you to stay fun, stay excited & to embrace life’s many possibilities. Life is too fun to be boring.